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Policy's  Role  In  Shaping  Place.

2011 Spring Conference - April 5-8, 2011
Chicago, Illinois

A big thank you to all who made our event a success: attendee, sponsors,  exhibitors, etc. Please see the links below for conference presentations and podcasts of keynote sessions.  


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 (opening music, scroll forward to get to speaker) Total playing time: 2hrs 30 mins
The City as the Heart of the Region
Carol Coletta, CEOs for Cities, Chicago, IL

THURSDAY, APRIL 7  Total playing time: 2hrs

Cities: How We Succeed, Why We Fail
Aaron Renn, “The Urbanophile”, Chicago, IL

The Economy’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate and City Centers
Maria Sicola, Cushman and Wakefield, Houston, TX
Bob Eury, Central Houston, Inc., Houston, TX

FRIDAY, APRIL 8 Total playing time: 1hr

Sustainability and the Greening of our Cities
Josh Milberg, Chicago Department of Environment, Chicago, IL

    Maria Sicola, Executive Managing Director & Head of Research for the Americas
    Cushman & Wakefield
    Robert M. Eury, President, Central Houston, Inc.
    Paul R. Levy, President & CEO, Center City District, Philadelphia, PA

          Patricia Brown, Central
Tim Tompkins, Times Square Alliance
    Lim Eng Hwee, Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority