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. 2011 U.S. BID Census Report (Non-member)
The study, conducted by the Institute of Business District Management, the Rutgers University’s School of Public Affairs and Administration and funded by several member organizations of the International Downtown Association, presents a snapshot of the characteristics of BIDs in 2010 and captures such information as: the geography of BIDs; revenue sources & budget size; governance & board composition; tools for measuring performance. Names and contact information for surveyed BIDs not included. 46 pgs
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. 2016 Quantifying the Value of Canadian Downtowns: A Research Toolkit (Nonmember)
The Quantifying the Value of Canadian Downtowns: A Research Toolkit is a groundbreaking effort intended to provide a downtown data standard – a common set of data and processes that will help Canadian downtown BIAs/BIDs establish and sustain downtown evaluation and compare progress in downtowns.
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. 2017 Staffing and Salary Survey Report (Nonmember)
The 2017 IDA Staffing & Salary Survey captures data from the U.S. and Canada on key positions and such information as average staff salary, organizational budget, and CEO salary and benefits. The survey covers nearly 50 questions and offers an extensive array of cross-tabulations showing how salaries, staffing and other topics vary by geographic region, type of organization, operating budget and more.
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. 2017 Top Issues Council Hard Copy Bundle (Nonmember)
The IDA Top Issues Councils is a research initiative that brings together industry leaders to produce research briefs on the top urban issues identified by IDA members in the areas of economy, experience and partnership. This year’s reports were written by over 50 industry experts on the topics of bicycle improvements, homelessness, diverse retail mix, alley activation, safety and security, and financing and maintaining great urban parks from the perspective of the place management industry. Get all 6 reports now!
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. 2017 Top Issues Council PDF Bundle (Nonmember)
The IDA Top Issues Councils is a research initiative that brings together industry leaders to produce research briefs on the top urban issues identified by IDA members in the areas of economy, experience and partnership. This year’s reports were written by over 50 industry experts on the topics of bicycle improvements, homelessness, diverse retail mix, alley activation, safety and security, and financing and maintaining great urban parks from the perspective of the place management industry. Get all 6 reports now!
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. A Creative Placemaking Guide for Business Districts to Work with Local Artists (Nonmember)
This creative placemaking toolkit was created specifically for business districts, offering guidance on engagement with local artists to best enhance the experience and vitality of a place. This guide showcases strategies to integrate the talents and ideas of multiple artists to best address the unique opportunities and challenges within business districts. Updated in November 2017 to include case studies of the six unique placemaking projects funded by IDA, Springboard for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.
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. A Path Towards Better Bicycle Infrastructure: A Guidebook for Urban Place Management Organizations (Nonmember)
A 2017 Top Issues Council Report — Urban place management organizations, such as business improvement districts, can play an important and effective role in improving conditions for bicycling, thus improving conditions of safety and walkability. This report describes three general areas in which these organizations can make significant contributions to improving conditions for bicycling: informing and educating community stakeholders and local government officials; advocating for improvements and partnering with other organizations; and encouraging and incentivizing bicycling through the development of programs and collaboration with local government, businesses and community partners.
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. A Practical Guide to Great Urban Parks: How to Benefit from and Finance your Urban Park (Nonmember)
A 2017 Top Issues Council Report — This publication is a resource guide for both current and potential park stakeholders (government partners, public-sector partners, and private-sector partners) to advance collaboration and capacity building within the management of an urban park to maximize benefits, while equitably and intelligently sharing costs and responsibilities. The results: A dynamic, thriving space that is accessible to all. This report defines a great urban park, how it works, and how it is funded. The report is divided into four sections: Inputs, Activities, Outputs and Impacts, and Case Studies.
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. IDA 03 - ABCs for Creating BIDs
This report is designed to help downtown organizations, property and business owners, local government officals and downtown advocates explore the formation of a BID by examining how a BID works and outlining a five-step process for creating a BID. Case studies, source documents and links to resources are provided. By M. Bradley Segal, September 2002. 33 pages.
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. Achieving and Maintaining a Diverse Retail Mix (Nonmember)
A 2017 Top Issues Council Report — This report will help urban district managers understand where and how revitalization is happening and how to encourage retail diversity. Urban place management organizations are uniquely suited to champion the diversity of their district’s retail offerings, while both affirming the authenticity of the place and focusing the market demand. True diversity means crossover appeal, that a “diverse” retail mix is not just one that contains businesses specifically (and exclusively) catering to the individual subcultures within the catchment, but also, feature concepts that can draw from the full range of them and, in so doing, reflect the larger role of the urban place as a “crossroads” for its community.
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. All 2016 Top Issues Councils Reports (PDF Bundle) Nonmember
The IDA Top Issues Councils is a research initiative that brings together industry leaders to produce research briefs on the top urban issues identified by IDA members in the areas of economy, experience and partnership. Each report explores the issues of public-private partnerships, the pedestrian experience, authenticity, downtown residential, commercial development, and activating public space from the perspective of the place management industry. Get all 6 reports now!
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. Webinar Recording - 8.22.18 Become a Local Partner with Google (Nonmember)
The mission of Google’s Get Your Business Online program is to help every business be found by every customer looking for them online. Learn how you can partner with Google to help the small businesses you work with in your community, using resources, trainings, gear and one-on-one help from the Google team, all completely free of cost. We’ll also provide an overview of some tools available to help businesses get found on Google Search and Maps.
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. Webinar Recording - 7.18.18 Bridging the Gaps in Your Retail Landscape: Strategies that Work (Nonmember)
Learn how to champion retail and business diversity in urban place management, and how to tailor it to both market demand and the uniqueness of your district. There are many socioeconomic, geographic and other components that come into play when building a neighborhood. That knowledge is key to attracting and supporting businesses that will thrive in a specific area. In this webinar, you will gain insights to strategies for understanding those factors and how you can use them from IDA's Diverse Retail Mix Top Issues Council and a 2017 Pinnacle Award Winner, “Open for Business.”
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. Downtown Districts at the Table: Planning for Safety and Security (Nonmember)
A 2017 Top Issues Council Report — This guide was developed as a tool for strategic safety planning for urban place management organizations. The council studied the latest crime trends districts face, examined how a district management organization’s role in emergency response and crime prevention has grown, and explored how technology is revolutionizing communication between law enforcement agencies and the business community. Several case studies and best practices are shared throughout this publication, with the intent that districts can learn from one another and replicate programs that are a fit for the local place management organization.
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. Downtown Rebirth Report
Downtowns, once shunned as empty, unsafe places at night, are now being redeveloped at higher density and are thriving after dark. Patrons of downtown regional destinations mingle with office workers and resident young professionals, emptynesters, and, in many cities, an expanding number of families with children. The trends of diversification, densification, and adjacent residential revival are also occurring on and around urban colleges, universities, medical centers, and research parks as well as around other major employment nodes outside the traditional downtown. Purchase this free report to learn more!
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. Webinar Recording - 1.10.18 Fasten Your Seatbelt: What the Coming Mobility Revolution Means for Your Downtown (Nonmember)
Smart mobility—technology that promises to make transportation more accessible, inclusive, and equitable—could dramatically transform our downtowns. But how? Will it bring dystopia or utopia? Will private autonomous vehicles (AVs) push people and resources to exurbia? Or will shared AVs boost downtown efficiency and appeal, attracting new businesses, customers, and investment? While we can’t promise a definitive answer, we can get you up to speed on this paradigm shift. Stantec's Urban Places smart mobility experts will explore autonomy’s implications for downtown development, traffic, public realm design, transit, land values, and markets. This presentation will deepen your understanding of transportation advancements and equip you to help shape the plans, policies, and practices you’ll need to get your downtown ready for the mobility revolution.
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. From Dumpsters to Biergartens: Case Studies in Alley Activations (Nonmember)
A 2017 Top Issues Council Report — This council decided to address a problem that urban place management organizations can creatively and efficiently address – the activation of alleyways and so-called micro-spaces. The spaces under observation in this report are existing alleys and micro-spaces in the central urban core or downtown districts. This report examines seven infrastructure projects spearheaded by urban place management organizations in North America and Australia. Alleys and other “in-between” infrastructure have long been overlooked but when activated, can change the way we engage with our city.
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. Webinar Recording - 11.15.17 Here’s the Math: BID/BIA Impact on Property Values (Nonmember)
The impact of BID/BIA assessments on property values is real and potentially dramatic. Downtown practitioners must be armed with the fundamentals of real estate finance to combat negative preconceptions about the cost of BIDs/BIAs. This webinar provides a crash course in the fundamentals of finance and dives into the world of pro formas, NOI and NPV to arm practitioners with the knowledge they need. We will explore the impact BIDs/BIAs have on market value. Property owners see BIDs/BIAs as an operating expense – how do we demonstrate the value of services provided by downtown organizations in a language they understand…dollars?
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. High-Performing Urban District CEOs
This report explores the leadership skills required to run a dynamic, successful place management organization.
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. Webinar Recording - 4.18.18 Homelessness in Urban Districts (Nonmember)
The need for new, comprehensive approaches in addressing the issue of homelessness has risen to the forefront of conversations in urban centers around the globe. While the policy approaches are not simple, hear from two members of the homelessness top issues council about the four principles identified by the council for urban place management organizations. Learn from a 2017 IDA Pinnacle Award winning project in Cape Town, South Africa on their new approach to addressing these tough issues. By the end of the session attendees will be able to: • Identify the four principles for urban place management organizations to use • Learn from others how to implement strategies to reduce homelessness in your district
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. Homelessness in Urban Districts: Principles & Implications for Place Managers (Nonmember)
A 2017 Top Issues Council Report — This publication reflects the experiences and analysis of many urban centers throughout North America and is compiled by a council of urban place management practitioners. The need for new, comprehensive approaches in addressing the issue of homelessness has risen to the forefront of conversations in urban centers across the world. While the policy approaches are not simple, the Council advocates for a declaration of four principles for urban place management organizations to use, which inspire engaged and active urban centers: Housing First, Partnerships, Stakeholder Balance, and Data, Programs and Policies.
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. Webinar Recording-6.13.18 How Parking Management Can Increase Transportation Choices and Leverage Downtown Growth (Nonmember)
Facing shifts in development patterns, mobility, and ground floor activity, few downtowns have been nimble enough to adapt to the transportation challenges that come with vacant retail spaces becoming active restaurants, rideshare companies making curbside drop-offs, and urban dwellers not owning cars. This webinar will explore emerging parking best practices to turn these catalysts into opportunities which improve the appeal, efficiency, and potential intensification of urban places. We will also review new approaches to quantifying demand and management of off-street parking, which is enabling more downtown development, reducing parking provision costs, and creating greater net revenues to finance further public realm improvements. Finally, we will discuss how parking strategies can preserve equitable mobility choices, while reducing costs of development and unlocking new opportunities. This is creating innovative ways to tap the growing value of downtown real estate to promote mixed-income housing, more equitable access to downtown jobs, and other steps that enhance economic diversity.
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. Webinar Recording - 9.19.18 Increase the Use of Bicycles in Urban Places (Nonmember)
In the rapidly evolving transportation landscape, the bicycle will play an increasingly important role as cities strive to provide multi-modal options for their ever-growing populations of urban dwellers. Automobile traffic, challenges of parking, and spatial constraints of urban places make single-occupant vehicle use challenging. Efficiency, ease of use, and the ability to park almost anywhere make the bicycle perhaps the perfect vehicle for improving individual mobility in downtown and center city areas.
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. Webinar Recording - 6.20.18 Safety & Security Webinar (Nonmember)
Every thriving community requires public safety. Now that your downtown center has become re-vitalized, it’s important to protect the investment within your district. How do you plan for public safety? What resources can you capitalize on to further your mission? As a part of IDA's Top Issues Council, the Safety & Security team explored these topics and will share their insights with you during this seminar. Learning Objectives: - Using crime statistics to your benefit - Emergency Preparedness - Partners in Crime – Leveraging public/private partnerships
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. Webinar Recording - 3.21.18 The Economic and Cultural Impact of Downtown University and College Campuses (Nonmember)
Are you maximizing the potential of your downtown’s town/gown relationship? Across North America, downtowns and higher education are forging partnerships by embedding classrooms and campuses in the downtown core. The result? An enhanced college experience for students and increased economic vitality for downtowns. What are the opportunities for your downtown? In the summer of 2014, Downtown London businesses stepped up to save their downtown college campus amidst political gridlock. This IDA Pinnacle Award winning example of leadership has helped transform London, Ontario’s Main Street, and is bringing 2,000+ students downtown making big impacts to downtown’s retail tenant mix and residential market. Learning Objectives: · Learn about the economic impact of downtown campuses, and the benefits of students on your Main Street · Learn how to create valuable partnerships between your organization and your local post-secondary institutions. · Learn how to assess your downtown’s current town/gown relationship and how to harness the untapped potential.
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. Webinar Recording - 10.25.17 The Power of Data (Nonmember)
Learn how to demonstrate value to your stakeholders by understanding the types of data you need to evaluate district performance, understand localized trends, and interpret the findings in an impactful way during this webinar with speakers, Gemma Noble, Diane Wehrle, and Tiffany Bromfield from Springboard Inc.
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. The Value of U.S. Downtowns and Center Cities: An IDA Pilot Study (Nonmember)
A strong downtown is critical for a successful city and region. This report is the result of an eight month study to create a replicable, accessible and standard methodology to calculate the value of downtowns. The groundbreaking study articulates the inherent value a downtown provides to the greater city, highlighting a downtown’s unique and impactful contributions while accounting for 100+ key data points based on economy, inclusion, vibrancy, identity, and resilience. This research shows the importance a downtown has on its city and region, thus demonstrating its unique return on investment to help advise future decision making and to increase support from local decision makers.
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. Top Issues Council Report: Activating Public Spaces: A Guidebook for Urban Districts (Nonmember)
This is an in-depth guidebook for urban place managers who are programming public spaces, transforming them into an activated amenity for the community. The guidebook dives into the various regulatory, design, funding, and maintenance issues for both temporary and permanent placemaking initiatives.
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. Top Issues Council Report: Attracting Commercial Development: Tools and Case Studies (Nonmember)
Attracting commercial development to an urban core relies on a multitude of factors to be successful. This report includes examples from across the globe to show the diversity of economic development tools and successful attraction of commercial development.
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. Top Issues Council Report: Living Downtown: The New Residential Paradigm (Nonmember)
This report explores the importance of downtown residential activity, reviews efforts to attract housing development into downtowns and discusses many of the elements of accommodating downtown residents once they are there.
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. Top Issues Council Report: Maintaining Authenticity of Place (Nonmember)
This report defines the various elements that contribute to the authenticity of a place to benefit the daily work of city builders, planners, place managers and community leaders. The authors highlight a ten-point authenticity checklist to be a roadmap for place managers who seek to increase their community’s authenticity, with the acknowledgement that each community’s path may be different and that there is no one cookie cutter method for authenticity.
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. Top Issues Council Report: Partnerships for Urban Place Management (Nonmember)
This report explores how place management organizations use public-private partnerships (P3) to play a vital role in the transformation of their communities and serves as a guide for these place management organizations to strategically and pragmatically shape such partnerships for the benefit of their downtowns and neighborhoods.
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. Top Issues Council Report: Prioritizing Pedestrian Improvements (Nonmember)
This report analyzes the results of an IDA member survey that touched on four key areas as they relate to pedestrian experience: education; engineering and planning; enforcement; and technology, and addresses the important role that urban place management organizations play when it comes to increasing walkability and enhancing the pedestrian experience.
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. Webinar Recording - 2.28.18 The Opioid Epidemic: Is There a Solution For Your City? (Nonmember)
Many cities wonder what they can do to help combat the opioid and addiction epidemic affecting their communities. This free webinar, presented by Futures of Palm Beach, will provide statistics on what's working and what is not. It will open your mind to cutting-edge solutions and treatment resources, and empower IDA members with new tools, knowledge, and verbiage surrounding heroin use, addiction and addiction treatment.
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