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King of Prussia is a dynamic and diverse community in the heart of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. King of Prussia enjoys a prime position in the region and is buoyed by the presence of the East Coast’s largest shopping mall (King of Prussia Mall), the Valley Forge National Historical Park and the Valley Forge Casino Resort.

Over the years, King of Prussia has become a regional leader in retail, dining, entertainment, commerce, business and hospitality. It is an ever-changing community that bustles with a constant in-flow of investment and development.

The King of Prussia District (KOP-BID), comprised of 296 commercial property owners, is a unique Business Improvement District in that it serves a suburban setting. This provides KOP-BID the opportunity to focus less on traditional BID initiatives, like ‘clean and safe’, and more on issues facing todays suburban communities such as: improving public transportation; modernizing zoning codes; and creating a sense of place through marketing and physical improvements.

Why are businesses and residents moving to King of Prussia?

Access | King of Prussia

Although King of Prussia is known predominantly as an auto-centric suburban community, it does enjoy some public transportation. However, today’s companies, employees and residents demand communities that offer true multi-modal access and King of Prussia leaders are engaged in a number of serious planning efforts to deliver improved transportation access; critical to the future growth of this community.

In June 2013, KOP-BID launched theconnector, a commuter shuttle service linking the King of Prussia business park (and its 20,000 employees) to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s (SEPTA) Regional Rail at two stations during the AM and PM rush hours, Monday-Friday. The comfortable shuttles offer riders free Wi-Fi, bicycle racks and are ADA compliant. With the cost as little as a $1 per ride, ridership on theconnector continues to climb each month! theconnector is supported by a number of funding sources including a CMAQ Grant, corporate contributions, ticket sales, advertising revenue and KOP-BID subsidy.

KOP-BID is also very active in the proposed extension of the Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL). The goal of the 4-5 mile extension is to bring rail transportation to the heart of the employment centers in King of Prussia. The NHSL extension is one of the most important projects that KOP-BID is working on. Bringing rail service to King of Prussia will address one of the biggest challenges we face as a community when it comes to competing for jobs and economic growth.

Land Use & Zoning | Leading a New Vision Through Zoning

Recognizing a shift in company and employee preferences for mixed-use, pedestrian oriented amenities, Upper Merion Township and KOP-BID are working together to re-write the Zoning Code and Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) for the district that encompasses the King of Prussia business park (SM Zoning District). The goal is to return the King of Prussia Business Park to its past status as suburban Philadelphia’s premier office park while providing a more modern, mixed-use District that will contain residential and retail uses. The new zoning and SALDO will also introduce architectural and land use guidelines and sustainability initiatives for the first time in the Township.

Marketing | Building Brand Identity for KOP

King of Prussia is a unique community that, much like NYC, more than doubles in population during the weekday when more than 57,000 employees come to work. But these employees, who don’t live in King of Prussia, repeatedly reported that they did not feel connected to the community. A lack of community identity and having no ‘sense of place’ are often repeated themes.

In 2013, KOP-BID launched the ‘IM KOP’ brand with strategic marketing and advertising initiatives. Through the use of print, online and offline tactics, KOP-BID has been able to help create an identity for the King of Prussia community that is relatable to all. Some of the unique tactics used include:

  • KOPerks Club: Free for both KOP businesses and consumers providing deals and discounts via email and/or text messages at KOP restaurants, shops, hotels and attractions. Learn more visitKOP.com/KOPerks
  • Hotel Key Card: distributed to all KOP hotels and provided to guests at check-in to highlight amenities in KOP.
  • IM KOP Decal: a window decal and coordinating website tile was created and distributed to KOP businesses to display and show their support of the community and KOP-BID.

KOP-BID has also created exciting events for the business community and residents in the region. King of Prussia Beerfest Royale and Donnerstag: Happy Hour bring nearly 3,000 people over the course of two days to King of Prussia for the largest outdoor beer festival in the suburban Philadelphia Region! This event is marketed regionally, highlighting the incredible amenities and restaurants in King of Prussia.

In addition to Beerfest Royale, KOP-BID hosts FREE quarterly networking events and a summer concert series for KOP employees and business owners.

Physical Improvements | Improving the Aesthetics of Commercial Corridors

To help define King of Prussia’s boundaries, create a ‘sense of place’ and welcome people to King of Prussia, KOP-BID designed and managed the installation of six, 22’ tall, 4.5’ wide, LED illuminated gateway signs at key intersections.

KOP-BID also continues physical improvements along King of Prussia’s most traveled corridors designing and managing the installation of landscaped medians with lush perennials, street trees, grasses and shrubs. Currently, KOP-BID is designing new entryway plans for the King of Prussia business park to define this major section of the District.

visitKOP.com to learn more about this exciting and growing community!