Review: Superior Achievement in Design & Imaging Awards

Retail Traffic Magazine

Review by: Midge McCauley

SADIDESIGN MATTERS! And, it matters a lot. The design of a storefront, the signage package and window display are what draw customers into a store. The merchandise, inventory organization and display, and the look and feel of the store’s interior keep the visitor inside. The longer a shopper stays in the store, the greater the likelihood of making a sale.

In 2009, for the second year in a row, I had the opportunity to be a judge of design submissions to Retail Traffic Magazine for the SADI awards. Good design is as important to downtowns as it is to retail centers. The Editor’s Letter in the document below explains the theme for this year’s award winners - “good design on a modest budget” - and I see no reason why the same theme cannot apply to downtowns. After all, downtowns are or should be shopping “centers,” albeit, hopefully, with a more unique mix of stores. Downtown Managers can work with building owners to understand the importance of good design; put simply, leasing to better retailers leads to higher sales, which in turn adds value to real estate.

Just as retail developers do, Downtowns should use designers who have experience with and sensitivity to retail design. It’s about context, good design principles, and what works for retailers. Excellent design need not be expensive - the Grand SADI Award winner is a perfect example of excellent design in relation to its context, with creative storefronts but without a high price tag.

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