Award Categories

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Awards Categories Hero

Please choose an appropriate category for your nomination. Below are descriptions of what an entry should highlight in the chosen category. Visit our webstore to purchase previously recorded webinars featuring past Pinnacle Award winners and view past winner presentations here. To review submission guidelines and to submit your project for an award, please click here.
Leadership and Management
Unique organizational approaches and projects that improve the effectiveness of placemaking organizations and their role in the community. Includes leadership development and organizational management, as well as policy, fundraising, engagement and advocacy efforts.

Business and Economic Development
Successful efforts and strategies that have recruited new businesses, stimulated sales or improved retention efforts. Efforts to encourage a strong workforce and maintain a diverse mix of commercial and residential development may also be considered.

Planning efforts that have established a strategic position for your district/association. Submissions should focus on the process as well as elements of the plan that have already been approved, ratified, and implemented. May include design guidelines and related documents as well as city wide comprehensive plans that address the urban environment.

Public Space
Capital improvements and maintenance plans that have enhanced the urban design, transportation methods, physical function, or economic viability of the community. Includes infrastructure, public art installations, and public space creation and management.

Marketing and Communication
Strategies that use print, electronic media, social media or multimedia efforts to promote and stimulate, advance the brand, or create sense of place. This category includes design work, campaigns, and marketing plans for events and other programming.

Events and Programs
Programs and events that improve the image and vitality or enhance the street life in your community.  This category could include one time or annual festivals, events and gatherings, as well as ongoing efforts such as innovative clean and safe programs. The entry should address only the event or program itself.