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All of us at IDA are excited to release the new IDA website and member database. Not only is the member experience greatly improved, but our new system will provide enhanced and direct access to member resources in the Knowledge Center, new illustrative organization profiles, and most importantly, begin to harness the power of data - making IDA the central hub of place management industry intelligence. Visit to get started today. Please note: the old website with domain will be accessible for a short time longer, but information will not be updated.

The place management industry is growing as urban areas around the world are experiencing a remarkable renaissance. You are on the front lines of solving challenges related to placemaking, economic development, urban planning and branding. Share your best practices with the world and be recognized for your exceptional work by entering the IDA Downtown Achievement Awards. Bragging rights: award winners are highlighted on the IDA website, take center stage during the Annual Conference & Tradeshow and showcased in the Inspired by IDA newsletter.

Submission Information and Instructions 

The 2019 Downtown Achievement Awards application process opened January 31, 2019 and closed March 22, 2019. Winners will be announced in October 2019.  

Submitters must include:

  • Contact person and contact information 
  • Name of organization submitting 
  • Name of project 
  • Category of submission 
  • Project budget 
  • Annual organizational budget 
  • City, State/Province, Country 
  • City Population
  • A description of your project: (300 Words) 
  • Submitters who are consultants and/or corporations must include a reference letter from the place management organization (BIA, BID, BIZ, etc.) they are representing.
Please provide responses to the following criteria, listed in order of importance to the judges.
  1. Innovation (250 words): Describe the project’s purpose. Explain desired outcome and the intended audience. Does the project or program offer an innovative or unique approach to a downtown management or development challenge? If the project has a “green” or environmental component, how does it facilitate a positive environmental change? 
  2. Outcome (250 words): What was the impact of the effort/project? How was it measured? Did it directly benefit multiple groups (the public, retailers, developers, property owners, visitors, residents, or the downtown organization?) Did it solve any existing problems? Address the durability and life span of the project. How long did/will this project stay up or operate? Was it a one-time effort or can it grow, become self-funding, or self-sustaining? 
  3. Execution (200 words): Show the steps leading up to the outcome of the project. Was the project done well, within a reasonable time frame, and with a high quality of work?
  4. Representation (200 words): Is the project or program inclusive? Was that purposeful? How many partners (if any,) were involved, and at what level? Was the community or general public involved in the effort? Was the downtown organization involved?
  5. Replication (200 words): Explain how the entry presents a solution others could modify for their own circumstances. How is it replicable in the same downtown or district on multiple dates or in multiple places?
  6. Complexity/Simplicity (200 words): Some projects are complex while others lend themselves to simple, but elegant solutions. Discuss the challenges involved in getting the project done. What strategies did you employ to mitigate the complexity, or what made a simple solution the best solution?
Optional: Entries may include up to 3 digital uploads that include photographs and/or audio and/or video. One of the uploads may be a PowerPoint with up to 12 slides. That presentation should be heavy on visuals and light on text.
Note: IDA has permission to publish any portion of all submissions (written materials, photographs, etc.) in future IDA materials. Full descriptions of the awards opportunities are below. 
    • Apply by Thursday, February 28, 2019 and save $50! Early submission prices are: $225 for members and $325 for nonmembers.
    • Regular submission prices are: $275 for members and $375 for nonmembers.

Award Opportunities

  • Pinnacle Award: The Pinnacle Award represents the most creative and inspiring innovations in the industry. The submission far surpasses the jury criteria.
  • Award of Excellence: The Award of Excellence exceeds the jury criteria and denotes an excellent response to an industry challenge.

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