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IDA Leadership


Click here to view the current Board of Directors (PDF).

IDA encourages all board members to be active leaders throughout the IDA committee structure. IDA members are invited to participate on committees as a way to be more active in IDA, to further develop the downtown profession, and to gain leadership experience for possible future board service. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please e-mail

All IDA committee and task force appointments are made by IDA’s Chair with the exception of the Executive Committee, which is selected by the Board of Directors, and the Past Chairs Council, which is comprised of previous chairs of the organization.


IDA Standing Committees

Executive Committee
Acts for the Board of Directors in the interval between Board meetings and considers items for recommendation to the Board.

Nominating Committee
Recommends candidates for election to the Board of Directors and recommends a slate of officers for election by the Board. Committee conducts a bylaws assessment prior to each election to determine whether the board of directors is in compliance.

Past Chairs Advisory Council
Expands IDA’s capacity through research and public policy projects while retaining the collective experience and wisdom of previous leaders.


IDA Committees

American Issues Policy Committee
Works with IDA staff and American downtown and state associations to identify US specific public policy issues, opportunities for partnership, and recommend actions to IDA that respond to these issues and opportunities.

Awards Committee
Reviews award categories, determines award policies, and organizes the awards jury and the recognition of winners.

Canadian Issues Policy Committee
Works with IDA staff and Canadian downtown and provincial associations to identify Canada-specific public policy issues, opportunities for partnership, and recommend actions to IDA that respond to these issues and opportunities.

Finance and Audit Committee(s)
Oversees the association's annual budget process, recommends changes in financial reporting procedures & policies, and monitors IDA's income and expenses.
Selects a firm to conduct the annual audit, and oversees the audit process. Receives report from independent auditors; reports to full board on audit findings; follows up with management and board on implementation of management letter recommendations, if any.

Research Committee
Provides members a distillation and critique of information that is available and communicate why it’s important to the work of downtown practitioners. Established a research agenda for IDA and provides leadership oversight of current research projects.

Membership Committee
Develops, oversees, and assists as needed in the recruitment and retention of members.


IDA Task Forces

Annual Conference Task Force
Works with IDA staff to develop and program IDA Annual Conference. This work includes the development of programming and content by identifying and recommending conference subject focus, timely topics relevant to the downtown professional, speakers and continuing education opportunities.

International Task Force
Explores and makes a recommendation to the board of directors about the international aspect of IDA.

Webinar Task Force
Works with IDA staff to develop and program online webinar programs. This work includes the development of programming for ISCS partner series, working with Pinnacle Awards presenters, and helping to shape the content provided by speakers for continuing education.

Governance Task Force
Review and amend the IDA Bylaws as necessary. Review and refine board roles and responsibilities. Evaluate and make recommendations for volunteer leadership development.

Site Selection Task Force
Develop and disseminate RFP for annual conference events. Receive and evaluate proposals and make recommendations to the IDA Executive Committee.