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Next IDA Webinar July 26, 2017: Giving Pedestrians a Way to Connect

Urban place management organizations are responsible for laying the foundations for improving the pedestrian environment in downtowns; they are able to attract more visitors through pedestrian improvements, focus investments to improve connectivity and walkability, advocate for pedestrian improvements through benchmarking and data, and forge partnerships with other downtown organizations focused on fostering a pedestrian friendly environment. The Chicago Riverwalk, an initiative to reclaim the river for benefit of the city, has allowed locals and visitors to access the river, and the streets above, in a continuous journey. The Loop at Pine + Ocean is a bold, effervescent, community engaging, open space which was once a vacant and decaying lot.

Join our expert panel as we discuss these two Downtown Achievement award-winning projects and the 2016 Top Issues Council report. Participants will learn:

• Fund a large infrastructure project
• Measure the success/economic impact of the project
• Translate a project of this scale to smaller cities

Speakers for "Giving Pedestrians a Way to Connect: Create an Amazing Public Space" include:
• Carrie Gartner, Executive Director, The Loop CID
• Sean Warner, AICP, Placemaking Manger, Downtown Long Beach Associates
• Gina Ford, Principal, Landscape Architect, Sasaki Associates, Inc.

This month's webinar will be held Wednesday, July 26 at 3pm EDT.
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